What if someone could control your mind?
What if that someone was a serial killer?

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About Diane

Diane May is a crime thriller writer and she lives in Verona, Italy, with her husband. When she's not in her office writing, she can usually be found curled up on the sofa with a good book in her lap and a cup of green tea next to her.

The only daughter of an army colonel, she grew up on military bases where she learnt about weapons, discipline and the sacrifices of military life. She also worked for many years as a translator and interpreter for the Court of Law on mostly criminal cases.

EVO is her debut novel and she is currently working on her second crime thriller, Till Death Do Us Part, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2019.




A covert CIA operation that involves genetic engineering.
A serial killer nicknamed "The Hypnotist".
And the most terrifying threat humanity has to face.

Langley, Virginia, twenty years earlier:
John Blake, a CIA special agent, stumbles upon an illegal genetic experiment within the agency, conducted on unborn babies and officially presented as a fertility program designed to help couples get pregnant. When he realizes that his very own daughter is a product of this sinister plot and that she is in grave danger, he vows to do everything it takes to make sure Maya will be safe and the people behind the experiment will all pay. With their lives.

Verona, Italy, present time:
Livio Marchiori, a homicide detective with the highest rate of solved cases in Verona, is faced with The Hypnotist, a serial killer the likes of which he's never seen before. He never touches his victims and he leaves no evidence behind, except for the detailed videos of his murders. And what Marchiori and his team see on those videos is more disturbing than all their other cases combined. Because this one is different. This one defies all rational thinking and borders the impossible.

Then The Hypnotist gets personal and threatens to kill Dr. Abby Jones, the chief medical examiner and the woman Marchiori is in love with. Caught in a cat-and-mouse game with the elusive killer, Marchiori knows he is quickly running out of time.

So when Captain Victor Miller from Interpol walks into town, Marchiori is more than happy to partner again with the man who two years ago helped him put an entire mafia clan behind bars. But Miller has his own agenda, and Marchiori soon discovers that there is more to these crimes than meets the eye, an entire thread of things way beyond his pay grade - illegal experiments, secret agencies, and the most terrifying threat humanity has to face.



The first thing detective Nicolò De Santis notices when he arrives at the crime scene is the strong smell of incense mixed with the hideous sickly-sweet stench of a decaying corpse. Then the woman’s body lying on the purple bedsheets, wearing only a white dress, her arms stretched as if crucified, her wrists slit. An open Bible is placed at her feet and, on her heart, a black bookmark with a chilling message printed in dark red letters.

If a woman commits adultery with another man, the adulteress is to be put to death. Signed: The Priest.

But is this just a one-time crime of passion or is there something more sinister going on? De Santis gets his answer when two more adulterous women are killed following the same ritual. And the hunt begins.

Kate Marini has fallen in love with De Santis and is tormented by one question alone: is she being unfaithful to her husband by dating the handsome detective?

What she doesn’t know is that The Priest has already answered this question and decided her faith.



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